The Sims 4 Suggest Adopting a Child Interaction

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The Sims 4 Suggest Adopting a Child Interaction

Tested for patch 1.91 // Changelog

Since the “Discuss Expanding the Family” interaction is just designed around pregnancy and does not work for gay couples or single Sims, I added a new interaction which lets your Sim suggest to another Sim that they might adopt a child.

UPDATE EA actually changed the “Discuss Expanding the Family” interaction to work on singles and homosexual couples who might now consider adoption. The disadvantages of this interaction are that it only works on Sims that live in a house and that it might also result in the adoption of a cat or dog (if you own the pack). If you do not care about these limitations you can now use the original interaction if you want to get someone to adopt. If you prefer to have more control you can use my mod.

Suggest Adopting a Child Functionality

This mod adds a new interaction “Suggest Adopting a Child” that can be found with the friendly interactions.

If the interaction is successful a random toddler or child will be added to the target household. The toddler or child will be added to the family tree and the target Sim and their significant other (if there is one) will be set as parents.

Every Sim can suggest an adoption but only YA or Adult Sims can be the targets of the interaction. Your Sim has to be friends with the target Sim.

The suggestion will not always be successful and the Sims will get moodlets depending on the result. Sims with the trait “Family Oriented” will be affected more, both positively and negatively, but they will also be more successful.

If the target household is already full the suggestion will always fail.

And the interactions are not visible for members of the current household, since it is not meant as a cheat.

Details on How It Works

The traits of the active Sim and the target Sim will affect the likelihood for a successful suggestion.

Sims with the trait “Family Oriented” will be more successful and if the target Sim is also a family oriented Sim the chances are even better. Good sims are easier to persuade.

Sims that have the trait “Non Committal” will be far more less likely to adopt a child and Sims with the trait “Hates Children” will never say yes.

If you try the interactions multiple times in a short time it will be less likely to succeed.

Required Packs

No packs required.


NEW Added Polish translation

NEW Added French translation

FIX Interaction not working without debug cheats enabled



Unzip and drag both the package file and the script file into your Sims 4 Mods directory (not more than one folder deep).


Available languages:

All other languages will use the English texts (so far). Since I added a bunch of strings I’m not really comfortable with using automatic translations, but if anyone would like to provide translations for their languages I’d be happy to add it (and give credit of course).


This mod adds a completely new interaction and does not override any game resources, so it’s quite unlikely to conflict with other mods.


Made with Sims 4 Studio
Thanks a lot to andrew for the tutorial on Python modding.
Thanks a lot to scumbumbo (RIP) and the other people in this thread for letting me know how to add interactions.

Terms of Use

My mods are published under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.
If you share my mod please do so by linking back to this page.

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