Broccoli: The Green Recipe App

Recipe Collection, Cooking Assistant and Seasonal Calendar

Create and collect recipes, cook without distraction in full-screen mode and use ingredients from the seasonal calendar.

Have a peek at the code!

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Broccoli is a free and open source recipe app that lets you build your own personal recipe collection and helps you cook in a more eco-friendly way.
Recipes with seasonal ingredients are highlighted and if you’re looking for inspiration, you can find seasonal ingredients from your region in the seasonal calendar.

A demo recipe in the Broccoli recipe app

Recipe Collection

Create your own recipes or import them from your favorite blogs.
Organize your recipe collection with categories and hashtags and quickly find the right recipe using the search function.

Cooking Assistant

Display your recipe in full screen while cooking. This way you always have an overview.
Adjust the amount of ingredients if you want to cook more or less.

The cooking assistant in the Broccoli recipe app
The seasonal calendar in the Broccoli recipe app

Seasonal Calendar

Find out which ingredients are seasonal in your region and easily find the seasonal recipes in your collection.
Easily identify the seasonal ingredients in your recipes.

More Features

  • access your recipes offline
  • create backups of your recipe collection
  • use the dark theme to save your eyes and battery power
  • available languages (so far): English, Spanish, French, German.

Free and without Ads

Because your privacy and sustainable consumption are important to us, we do not use advertising banners. If you like our recipe app, you can support the development with a one-time payment via Google Play or buy us a coffee on Ko-fi.

Private and Secure

No account is required to use our recipe app and all content you create is stored only on your device.
You can find more information about this in our privacy policy.

Open Source

Have a peek at the code at our GitHub repository.


Do you want to use Broccoli in your native language? Translation contributions are very appreciated.

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