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Since CurseForge is now the official mod hub for The Sims 4 all my mods will be hosted there exclusively from now on. You can find all the mods on my CurseForge profile.

Better Pet Hangouts (plus Stray Adoption)Cat Hangouts and Dog Hangouts in the vanilla game do not work that well and there is also a bug concerning the spawning of strays. This mod collection fixes these issues and also adds an interaction that gives your Sim the ability to convince other Sims to adopt a stray animal.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Boarding Stable Lot TraitCreate a boarding stable at community lots or your residential lot and let it get used by NPC horses. The horses live at the stable the whole time and their owners will visit them occasionally.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Pansexual TowniesDo you want your townies to be pansexual again as they were before?ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Neighborhood Stories: Marriage (+Suggest Getting Married Interaction)Since the Neighborhood Stories feature still does not let other Sims get married on their own so that they can start their own family I created this mod. It extends the Neighborhood Stories system so that all Sims might get married on their own (if you allow it in the settings) and also includes an interaction to encourage your Sim’s friends to seek love.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Townie Sexual Orientation FixThere’s a lot that is still not working with the new sexual orientation feature. This mod tries to fix one aspect: the sexual orientation of random townies.ARCHIVED
(the bug has finally been fixed by EA)
Toddlers (and Infants) at Parks (and Other Places)Do you want some cute townie toddlers and infants in your parks, pools, cafes or everywhere else? This mod lets them spawn together with a parent.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
More Default ClubsI’m not a big fan of EA’s initial clubs (too much centered on only Windenburg) and their default clubs (just boring) so I created a set of my own clubs, that get created automatically and give your Sims an easy way to meet others and let the venues feel a little more immersive.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Homeless Pregnancies, Adoptions & DeathsSims that do not live in a house are not considered for pregnancies, adoption or deaths, which makes the Neighborhood Stories a little boring if you tend to play in bulldozed worlds or do not own so many packs. This mod lets “homeless” Sims get some life, too.ARCHIVED
Club MaintenanceTired of the clubs in your game growing old and dying? This mod ensures that new members are added regularly.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Off Grid NanoCan Trash CanThe NanoCan Trash Can (also called the “money trash can”) is labeled as functional off the grid, but unfortunately does not work at all on off-the-grid lots. This mod fixes this issue, so the trash can’s generator feature can be used to power off-the-grid households.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Funeral Service EventDo you want to give your deceased Sims a proper goodbye? With the Funeral Service Event you can help their friends and family deal with the loss.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Ask to Invite Family Member InteractionHave you ever wished you could meet the kids, parents, siblings or pets of your Sim’s friends more easily? With this mod you can invite them to hangout even if you have never met them before.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Suggest Adopting a Child InteractionSince the “Discuss Expanding the Family” interaction is just designed around pregnancy and does not work for gay couples or single Sims, I added a new interaction which lets your Sim suggest to another Sim that they might adopt a child.ARCHIVED
(the base game interaction has now been improved to include more families and we got more Neighborhood Stories features)
Suggest Adopting a Pet InteractionsThis mod adds some (player controlled) story progression to pets. Your Sim can suggest to others that they might adopt a dog or a cat and they can even “hook up” strays in the world with a new family.ARCHIVED
(the “Discuss Expanding the Family” interaction now also might lead to the adoption of pets and we got more Neighborhood Stories features)
Spa Staff Lights IncenseHave you ever decorated your spas with a bunch of incense burners and wished that someone would actually use them? This mod makes spa employees light the incense for you.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge
Indoor Pool Lot TraitThis lot trait will make any pools on the lot usable in winter. Sims will use it autonomously and a public pool venue with this lot trait will get visited by townies in winter.ACTIVEGet at CurseForge